Friday, February 24, 2012

Reading Eggs

I wish I had Reading Eggs when our boys were beginning to read.  They have always enjoyed PC Games.  Much of the early learning they did was with a Sesame Street game on our old PC.  They would have loved Reading Eggs.

My time with Reading Eggs began with a test to put me in the right level.  The test was really great.  There were questions like "click on the word 'cat'" but there were also more complicated questions like, which word rhymes with... or click on the group of words that are pets.  This was not an easy test at all.  

After the test, you are able to complete any number of activities.  But you have to complete lessons to earn eggs.  You can play games in the arcade with eggs you've earned from lessons and activities.  You can write your own stories and put together your own books.  There are puzzles to do and music to listen to.  It's a really fun site and SO educational.  I know if I had Reading eggs when the boys were learning to read, they would have learned a lot and had fun doing it.

You can get a free reading eggs trial period by signing up on their site here.  Let your child get in there and take a few lessons and play a few games.  You'll see it's a great site for emerging readers.

If your child is older, Reading Eggs has created a website for children up to age 13 called Reading Eggspress.  There are e-books for older readers as well as lots of comprehension exercises there all in a graphic and fun environment.

If you would like to contact Reading Eggs for additional information, do so here.  

Their pricing plans are available here.  

Reading Eggs could really be a do-it-yourself reading and spelling program for your early elementary student.  Check it out today!

Disclaimer:  I received a membership to Reading Eggs in order to complete this review.

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