Friday, February 10, 2012

Start Looking to the Skies.

Last month I wrote to you about the Celestial Almanack.  Well I had an opportunity to review the February issue this month and I jumped at the chance.  Truthfully, I would have purchased this month's edition if I wasn't offered a review copy.  The graphics are just gorgeous, the content is easy to get through in a day or two, and you really LEARN about the night sky with the Celestial Almanack.

I've learned in the past couple years that I'm a really visual person.  I respond to color and good graphics.  Maybe that's what drew me to the Celestial Almanack when I first reviewed it in January.  But, of course, I started reading aloud to the boys.  After reading it, we all began to look at the stars differently.  We were really able to recognize some of the constellations from just a few days of reading and looking at graphics in the e-book.

As a matter of fact, the other night we were driving home and T-bone looked out the window and said, "That's Venus"  Big Mac said, "No it's not."  T-bone said, "Yes it is.  Our book said so."  He was right.  We are looking at the night sky differently.  It's so cool.

As I said, the graphics drew me right into each of the Celestial Almanack's I was able to review.  But it's the content that keeps me returning to this great resource.  I am understanding the moon phases, the arrangement of the stars, and the planets that appear in our night sky so much better after reading the Celestial Almanack for two months.  I will continue to buy this monthly resource (you can get your copy here) every month.  I really like knowing more of what's going on up there.  I like being able to look into the sky and say, "Oh, there's Taurus."  Or, look, you can see Venus and Jupiter tonight!  I've always wanted to be able to read the sky that way, and the Celestial Almanack is the tool that is helping me to do that.  I highly recommend this monthly e-book!  Grab a copy today.

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of the February edition of the Celestial Almanack in order to complete this review.

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