Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Cards

I didn't intend to, but it seems that I live-blogged through our Valentine's day.  Well, no Valentine's day is complete without greeting cards/Valentine's right?  Well, of course, I made my cards for The Big Dog.  I made two, actually.

The first card has four little crocheted hearts on the front.  I found the heart pattern here.
Then, I used these instructions to make this pop-up card.  Every time I look at it I think about the line from the movie, "Master of Disguise" when Dana Carvey opens the instruction manual and says, "It's a popup!"
And this ends our Valentine's celebration!  It was a really fun day.  Over lunch, the boys and I listened to an Ozzie and Harriet audio about Valentine's that was really cute.  The day was filled with prizes, crafts, food, and fun!  What do you do to make Valentine's day special?  I'd love to know for next year for us!

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