Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Cool Art Project

The boys and I are finishing up an art project I wanted to show you.  I first saw this painting in an email from Michaels Craft Stores.  If you want to see a project sheet for it, go here.  The project is called "A Dog of Many Colors" because a dog graphic was used.  I guess if I were titling my canvas, I would call it "An Apple of Many Colors."

For our paintings, we used whatever acryllic paints we had in our paint bucket.  I had three canvases (or is it canvi?) given to us from someone who was cleaning out their art supplies.  But, I believe you can get a canvas at a craft store pretty inexpensively.  Anyway, it took us a week to complete these paintings because we taped off an area and then painted and waited for the paint to dry.  We first measured the canvas and marked off the quarters with a pencil.  Then it was just a matter of picking complimentary colors of paints and deciding on a graphic to use.  I chose this apple.  

This is my attempt:

This has been a great project.  We've played with color and complimentary color.  We've talked about measuring and drawing straight lines.  We've talked about the use of graphics and finding shapes that convey what an item is without a lot of detail.  AND the project itself is wall-hanging-worthy.  So often we make things that sit on a shelf for a while before we pitch them.  This is a project that would be giftable and looks cool on the wall.  ...at least I think so.

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