Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Truth Quest History Guides

TruthQuest HistoryYou're going to find this hard to believe, but I find teaching History daunting.  This year we are using a textbook-type history book.  We all are kind of bored by it.  I always believed in what Charlotte Mason felt about history.  It should be learned through reading good books, books that engage.  I just haven't found a way to do that with our guys.  I never really liked history in school.  I found the reading boring.  Then I met and married a history buff, specifically a Civil War buff.  And guess how he learns all his buff-stuff?  Yep, he reads!

Well, then I get a copy of this book from TruthQuest History.  You will never believe this!  They teach history through really good books!  I know!  Amazing right?

If you decide to check out TruthQuest History, read the Notes for Dad & Mom, first of all it's kind of hysterical.  It's very conversational in it's language and is designed to shake up how we think history is learned.  What it boils down to is that we have it all wrong with our textbooks, tests, and regurgitation.  TruthQuest has developed spines for all of us to use to teach ancient through modern history to our children in a natural organic way.

About the most difficult part of implementing this history curriculum is choosing which books to read and which to omit.  Many of the books I have in boxes from our library's book sale, or they are others I've collected over the years.

I think the biggest challenge to using TruthQuest History is relax and trust the process.  It's so easy for us to try to emulate what we did in high school.  I mean learning requires test and quizzes and assignments right?  But then stop and think, as an adult, how have you learned all the new things you know since your school days?  I've learned from reading, talking to others, and watching television or movies.  So why wouldn't our children learn now in just the same way?  AND why wouldn't they get excited and involved in what they were learning by reading good books and watching quality programs?

The product I reviewed is called Renaissance, Reformation & Age of Exploration and covers AD1400 to 1600.  Truth Quest has LOTS of other products covering all ages of history. You can find them here.

There are lots of other crew reviewers working their way through Truth Quest products here.  Check out their reviews.  And you can contact Truth Quest for more information here.  Let me know if you decide to choose a new way to teach history with your children!  I'd love to hear about it!

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of TruthQuest History Renaissance, Reformation & Age of Exploration in order to complete this honest review.

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  1. I'm excited! I bought a copy of TQ American History for young students and I cannot wait to implement it this year! Thank you for your review. I feel like I've make a good choice in choosing TQ!