Friday, April 27, 2012

World of Science

On the day that World of Science arrived in the mail, Big Mac grabbed it and dove in.  This book is visually appealing and grabbed his attention right away.  I was attracted by the holographic image on the cover, but the bright pages with all their pictures charts and graphics drew me into the book as well. After a day or two of perusing, we set the book on a prominent shelf in the living room.

Then, we started working our way through a lapbook on basic physical science.  BOY! The World of Science book got a workout during that lapbook.  If you tend to veer toward lapbooks or unit studies, I think the World of Science.  I had purchased another general science book a little over a year ago, but the World of Science book from New Leaf Publishing/Master Books has been much more useful to us.  It is visually appealing, so that grabbed us from the start, but it is also full of valuable content.

The World of ScienceOver 200 pages long (closer to 250), there are seven sections, or chapters:
  1. Matter and Chemicals
  2. Energy, Motion and Machines
  3. Electricity and Magnetism
  4. Light and Sound
  5. Earth and Life
  6. Space and Time
  7. Science Experiments
So what's cool is that you can cover a chapter by reading it and examining all the charts and graphics, and THEN flip to the end and complete an experiment or two or five on the subject you just studied.  This COULD be a science review curriculum with very little work on your part.

World of Science is a fascinating book.  It is beautifully illustrated and FULL of content!  It is a welcome resource and one I will keep on our shelf to further illustrate our science studies for years to come.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of World of Science from Master Books to complete this honest review.

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