Friday, May 11, 2012

Go Science DVDs from Library and Ed

Since we are all experiencing an extreme case of Spring fever around our house, receiving the Go Science DVDs from Library and Educational Services for review was very welcome!

I received two DVDs:
Air and Flight - Go Science #5 ($8.97 from Library and Educational Services)
Magnetism, Electricity, Engineering, and Design - Go Science #3 ($8.97 from Library and Educational Services)

You can view all of the DVDs available in this series here.

The videos were interesting, but I feel they are intended for a much younger audience than our 13 and 15 year old sons.  the presenter spoke in a sing-songy voice that is usually used in pre-school or very early elementary presentations.  The information, however, was not early elementary level.  He used some really neat gadgets to introduce and explain topics.  What I liked was the "gadgets" (he had super powerful magnet, an electro-magnet, and one of those static electricity generators in one video) were not things that the boys and I would be able to view here at home.  So we could see an expensive piece of equipment used while the process, magnetism, electricity, etc... was explained.  There was also usually at least one experiment for each subject discussed that we could do at home.  For some, I had to go on-line and get the details of how to do the experiment that he did in the video, but it was still a good way for the boys and I to reinforce what we learned.

I would recommend the "Go Science" videos for the middle elementary grades.  This is not a stand-alone curriculum but would be an excellent supplement to an already planned course.

Library & Educational Services has many quality resources.  I found a long list of books and DVDs that I will be purchasing soon.  Check out what they have to offer.  The prices are really good.

Library and Ed's contact information can be found here.  And the Homeschool Crew reviews for the various Go Science DVDs can be found here.  Check them out!

Disclaimer:  I received these two DVDs to review because I am currently part of the Homeschool Crew.  I did not pay anything for the DVDs nor was I paid for my review.  This is my honest review of the product.

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