Monday, June 4, 2012

Sideways Scarf - A Recipe

1 pair-size 10.5 circular knitting needles, 36" long
1 zip loc bag full of yarn scraps
More yarn scraps

1.  With first ball of color, cast on 210 stitches leaving a 10" tail at the beginning and a 10" tail at the end, cutting off this yarn after casting on.  
2.  Pick up another color that is completely different from the one you casted-on and, leaving a 10" tail, begin knitting.  Knit across the row.  Leave a 10" tail and cut off this color yarn.  
3.  Repeat step 2 until you have a scarf the width that you desire.  Alternating colors and textures to get a funky fun scarf.
4.  Hang the scarf from a person, hanger, or dress dummy so that the edge is parallel to the floor.
5.  Cut the fringe so it's all the same length.
6.  Wear with pride!

If you don't knit, or don't want to try this, this scarf is coming to an Etsy shop near you soon! 

It all began with this:

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