Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sometimes It Takes an Altar - Chapter 6 of Hope for the Weary Mom

One of the burdens I had as the boys were growing was how will I teach them grace?  I mean, it's such a hard thing to understand, and our T-bone is a justice boy.  It's all about right and wrong, black and white.  How will he ever understand grace?  But the truth is, they have extended more grace to me than I can ever make them understand.  They know grace inside of them.  They don't need a lesson on it.  I scream.  They forgive.  I misunderstand.  They forget.  They are walking brown-eyed grace-machines.  And I never had to teach it to them.  They just love me and out of that love, I get the grace I need to keep being their mommy.  How did that happen?

I've always wanted an altar in our home.  I remember reading Robin Hood to the boys years ago and there was a section about Middle Ages estates in England.  Many of them had little churches right on their property.  I thought then, how cool it would be to have a little sanctuary right here at our house.  At a nearby amusement park there is a little white church, no bigger than a bicycle shed.  It is air conditioned.  When you walk in from the hot asphalt lined park, it is a cool respite from the heat.  There is a large bible at the front and two rows of benches lining the side.  I always want to linger in that little church/shed, not only for the cool, but also for the calm.

So I guess I don't need a church on our property.  I guess I just need to find a time of cool and calm in our day.  That can be anywhere around the house.  It's not the location, but the time.  Time for me to pour my heart out to God and then shut-up and let Him pour His heart into me.  I wrote to you a couple days ago about those verses in Matthew, "Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest."  (Matthew 11:28-30)  The thing is that we have to come to Him.  He doesn't care where.  Yes, He uses altars.  I have spent a lot of time at the altar seeking His face.  But He also uses kitchen tables, sofas, porch swings, closets, beds, and bathroom floors.  We just have to come.  He provides the rest.

So, on this day of worship, where is your favorite place to come to Jesus?  How do you arrange your day so that you have time to come and meet with Him?  What challenges do you have to finding an altar every day? Let's talk.

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