Saturday, June 16, 2012

When You Just Want to Give Up - Day 5 of Hope for the Weary Mom

Today, I need to tell you a story about another mom of a teenage daughter.  This was her third child, so she was not a new mom, but this girl was a challenge.  She was stubborn and bullheaded.  In her desperate desire to have people like her in high school, she befriended "different" girls.  These girls were odd.  It made the mother nervous.  But it made the mother more nervous to see her daughter change who she was to be with these girls.  The mother disciplined what she could, but mostly she prayed.  Then the daughter left for college.  She was always a straight-A student.  She never struggled academically.  But in under two years, she was on academic probation.  She wasn't a bad girl, but in her desire for people to like her, she chose friends over studying.  And the mother prayed.  Being stubborn, the girl didn't learn the lesson she needed to learn and she failed out of college.  The girl who just two years before had walked off of her high school graduation stage laden with accolades had failed out of college.  What was the mother's response when the girl called in tears and said, "Mom I didn't do it.  I failed out."?  Well, the mother simply said, "God must have a different plan for you."  And she prayed.

I'm the daughter.  My mom prayed me through the most difficult times in my life.  Did she get weary?  She HAD to.  But I never asked her if she tired of praying me out of my jams.  And yet I have no doubt at all that she did pray me out of my jams.  And mom didn't have the support of a world of other moms of teens.  She couldn't do a book study with a hundred other moms who were struggling to maintain their energy in this challenging time of parenting.  She just had Jesus.  And she and He met regularly, over me.  She had to grow so weary.  "Here I am again, Lord.  It's Lori Lynn again Lord."

I wish we could all fast forward and see our children in the future God has planned for them.  My mom would see that even though I didn't complete college to be a math teacher, I did become a teacher of our sons.  Maybe it would give her a bit of peace when she was praying for that 20-year-old girl who really had no direction.

In Mark 11, Jesus was hungry.  He found a fig tree, but when he looked for fruit he didn't find any.  So he cursed the fig tree.  The next day, He and the disciples passed the fig tree and it was withered.  When Peter pointed out the withered tree to Jesus and reminded Him of what He did, Jesus did something strange.  He spoke to His friends about the power of their prayers.  First, He says simply, "Have faith in God." Mark 11:22)  Then in verse 24 He tells the disciples, and you, and me, "Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

Does anyone else think that's an odd thing to speak about after seeing a withered tree?  Here's the thing.  We have the power to wither the tree.  Jesus was telling His disciples that they have the power through their faith to do something just as powerful as wither a fig tree.  Jesus didn't wither the tree because He was the Son of God.  He withered the tree because He believed in God.  We have the power to wither the tree.  We have the power to pray our teenagers through a rough patch.  And Jesus is telling us that it's simple, all we have to do is, "Have faith in God."

Some days, though, the faith part is the tough part.  And that's why there are these cool mom's writing books about Hope for the Weary Mom.  And that's why they have Facebook groups just to encourage Christian mom's.  And that's why God lead me to have my blog.  So, let's use it.  Why are you weary?  How can we all pray in support.  Let's be each other's Aaron and Hur (Exodus 17).  We will lift each other up in prayer.  Sometimes, like the author of today's chapter, we are just to weary to continue to battle on our knees for teens.  So, let us battle for you for a while.  How can we pray?


  1. Please pray for wisdom for our family, especially on how to deal with a girl situation that our 18 yr. old is in. Thank you so much for recommending this read and for your willingness to pray!

    1. I'm praying Tammy! I'm praying for your fig tree to be withered! James says that everyone who cries for wisdom gets it. So I know God is blessing you with wisdom on just how to handle the situation. I will keep praying!