Friday, June 15, 2012

You Can't Live at the Spa - Chapter 4 of Hope for the Weary Mom

I'm sick.  Our T-bone had it last week, and we're a family that shares everything, so...  Today's reading is very timely for me.  In today's chapter, the author talks about being tired and weary.  She talks about being poured out.  That's how I feel today especially.  And yet, there is still laundry to be done, a kitchen to be straightened and meals to be prepared.  The beauty of having teenagers is that they can do a lot more for themselves.  If I tell them what's available in the kitchen, then they can get their own breakfast and lunch.  But there are some things a momma just wants to do for her family, and today, I don't have a lot of energy to do anything.

So, I am the epitome of the weary momma today.  My pitcher is poured out.  But it occurs to me that there is only One that was able to make a pitcher of oil last many days (I Kings 17:16).  So if I need my poured-out pitcher to be refilled, I need to look to the Lord for my filling.  He wants to be my sustenance, and yet, so often I look to other stuff for filling and refreshing.  I look to food when I'm not hungry, but feel exhausted.  I go to hobbies and interests, or *gasp* facebook, and friends to fulfill my needs when what I really need is to tap into the One Source of comfort and sustenance that really fills!  I need time in the word.  I need quiet time to talk to God.  I need praise and worship.  All these things are what TRULY sustains us.

And, so, I'm going to keep today's post short and sweet.  Talk to me about finding sustenance in the Lord.  Tell me about what you do when you need that extra boost after an exhausting time of being a teenage boy momma.  Talk to me.


  1. My boosts are some dear friends who I can call and ask for prayer any time and who will make me laugh in the middle of things! I am truly blessed to have women who care - at all ages and stages even!!! .... some quiet time alone, preferably in nature helps me recharge ... music ... I love how you said sustenance so often I look to food (and my waist and behind show it!), others, facebook (blush), etc instead of to God first ... this is another theme God has been bringing up of late -- to feast on Him and His word, to be filled with Him, His goodness and keeping track of my gifts, to look to Him rather than to my children (OUCH) especially as one of them sends me to my knees both figuratively and literally of late! ... someone encouraged me to ask God for a word/theme for this year in Jan and I have felt that God said "satisfied" which I wasn't thrilled with to be honest but I am learning is indeed where He wants me this year -- to be satisfied, not with the things I shouldn't be or in a complacent ca sera ca sera kind of way but in HIM and in His provision and His grace (I'm even thinking of a little grace tattoo *gasp*) ....

    1. but I do wish I could live at the SPA or Christian Family Camp sometimes!!! :D

  2. So sorry you are sick! Praying for you!

    Love your reference to 1 Kings 17:16 - that is beautiful!