Monday, August 13, 2012

All God's Promises

Today, I've been reflecting on two ASL signs that we learned at VBS last night.  The sign for promises and the sign for God.

If you click on the links above, you can learn these signs.  For God, my right hand faces left and raises above me then lowering toward my forehead.  In the song we sang last night, we moved right from the sign for God to the sign for promises, so my hand continued down from my forehead into the next sign.  To me, that sign is perfect for God.  I look up to begin the sign, what a perfect position to be in when you are ready to sign the name of the Almighty.  Then your hand is raised above your head, but brought down toward you.  That's God, He isn't just seated on a throne in heaven.  He is for you.  He is toward you.  He is reaching you.  So it is perfect that in the sign for God your hand comes toward you.  But, it's also cool that your hand continues to move from your head toward your heart.  For many, God begins in our heads.  We have a knowledge of Him.  We learn about Him.  But there comes a time where the knowledge needs to become passion.  What we know of God has to work in and on our hearts. God moves from our head to our hearts.  Just like the sign.

And then, there's promises.  For the sign for promises, you bring one finger to your lips, almost like you're making the shhh motion.  As you bring your finger away from your mouth, you turn that hand flat and clap it on top of your closed fist on the left hand with the thumb end pointed upward.  Here's what I think about that:  in VBS we're learning about God's promises.  That sign for promises makes me think about how when God speaks a promise into our lives, you can take that promise to the vault.  How many times have we made a promise we didn't keep?  Or maybe someone promised you something and they didn't come through.  It happens.  But not with God.  When God speaks a promise (imagine that finger coming out of your mouth in the ASL sign for promise) that promise is a lock (now clap your open right palm on top of your closed left fist turned on it's side).  God's promise is forever.  That's the title of the theme song of our week at Vacation Bible School.  And, yes, the signs we learned to do while singing that theme speak to me about who God is in my life and how I can count on Him.  I love that!

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