Monday, November 5, 2012

Pot Holder Rug

I just finished crocheting a new kitchen rug.  I picked up the book Mason Dixon Knitting over the summer from a bargain bin at the book store.  I LOVE this book.  There are so many great ideas.  I will be making A LOT from this little book.  This weekend I  started crocheting a new kitchen rug and by Sunday evening I was finished.  It's a great thick rug that fits perfectly in front of my sink.  From an idea in Mason-Dixon Knitting, I started buying 1-pound bags of those nylon pot-holder loops at the craft  store.  The book used a much more expensive cotton loop, so this is the bargain version of their idea.  Every couple weeks I would use one of my 40% off coupons on a bag of loops.  I never paid more than $4 for a bag.  I think they were about $6 regular price.  I ended up buying 6 bags, total.  When I would buy a bag, I would pile all the loops on a side table and begin linking them together one at a time.

As I linked, I then rolled all the loops into one big ball.  Above is the ball when I had 2 more bags left to loop.

And here is the finished ball after 6 one-pound bags were all looped into one long strand.  Now it was time to start crocheting.  I tried to knit this rug, as is suggested in the book, but I didn't like the texture.  It was thinner with more holes.  So I got out my size N crochet hook and chain stitched 59 chains.  From there, I just single crocheted across with one chain at the end of every row in order to turn.  There were 58 single crochets across the rug.

The finished rug is just under a yard deep and just OVER a yard wide.  
It fits perfectly in front of my kitchen between my oven and my dishwasher.  And it is SO thick.  I just love standing on it doing dishes, chopping or cooking.  It's so comfy under my feet.  I also love the quirky colors. It's matches our eclectic kitchy kitchen.

And I'm pretty sure that the puppy thinks it's just for him!  He spent most of the morning on the new rug while we were doing Monday's lessons.

What do you think?

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  1. Totally awesome! I bet it took some getting used to crocheting with this. Was the 'yarn' stretchy as you crocheted? About how many rows did you end up doing? I love the confetti look. So cool.