Thursday, April 25, 2013

Finishing Mode

When I found out that Red Heart was hosting a Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge again this year, I went to the calendar and marked every Wednesday night with "stitching project."  I put it on the digital calendar that our entire family shares so that they would know that I am going to be stitching on Wednesday nights.

This has been just the boost I needed.  So far I've finished two WIPs or works in progress.  And these works have been in progress for a WHILE now!  On the first Wednesday I finished my beachy striped throw:

This is a self-fringing single crochet throw from some yarn that was given to me.  If you looked at each skein individually you wouldn't think they went well together, but put into stripes as I did here, it's really a fun pattern.  It reminded me of a beach house.  The yarn itself has some acryllic and some cotton, so it feels like summer.

And last night, for my Wednesday Night Stitching Project, I finished a pouf.  I found the original pattern on the Flax and Twine blog.  I have a group of blogs that I browse over the weekend when I am able to take a break.  Either on Saturday or Sunday afternoon I sit at my laptop and go through each blog and look for new entries and inspiration.  The inspiration came from this blog post.  I did change things slightly.  I did this provisional cast-on, and then when I was finished knitting I used a kitchener stitch to join the cast on edge to the last row.  I stuffed the pouf with three old sleeping bags that had broken zippers.  Our T-Bone claimed it for his own and it is upstairs in his bedroom right now.  He props his feet up while working on his laptop.  And when he gets to it, the dog likes to climb up and rest on the pouf too!

So, who knows what I'll work on next Wednesday?  I've got an afghan that needs to be finished.  But that's going to take much more than one Wednesday night!

I'm learning that I have to take time for my hobbies and interests.  I am passionate about crochet and knitting.  I feel great when I complete a project.  I love reading new patterns, books, and blogs.  So, I must take the time to pursue my interest.  All work and no play makes Lori Lynn just a girl with a lot of yarn!