Friday, June 21, 2013

Survival Day

On Friday, May 31, 2013 several mom's hosted a five-hour event that was custom made for our boys!  They spent the day teaching basic survival skills in a round-robin fashion to a group of nearly 50 children.

The event was held at a state park near our home.  The boys moved between five stations during the course of the day.  There was a one-hour break for lunch.  The kids had time to play on the playground or participate in water-tag during the lunch hour.  Our five stations were:
  • Making a fire and building a shelter.
  • Navigating with a compass.
  • Finding potable water.
  • Edible plants.
  • Trapping small animals.
Each station was almost an hour long and very hands-on.  This was an event tailor-made for our boys.  They have always loved the outdoors and being adventurers.  When they were little they watched Davey Crockett and listened to Sugar Creek Gang audios to learn about being an outdoorsman.  One of their favorite books is The Handybook for Boys.  They also loved the Dangerous Book for Boys.  At various times we've had shelters, fires, and traps in our yard.

We didn't actually trap any animals, but all the children had the opportunity to build a few examples of traps. They built a fire as a group and started a shelter before running out of time.  The water station was mostly examples, but the kids did have an opportunity to tramp around in the creek.  For the navigation course, the instructor set a course and the kids used their compasses to navigate it.  And the edible plants was a walk on a trail with the instructor pointing out lots of examples of edibles.  

This is something a group of families could put together for their children with relative ease.  All you need is a big enough space for all the kids to move and a plan.  It was a great introduction into survival skills.  You could learn what to teach from one of the books I mentioned above or even just doing a little research on line.  It would be a great course to teach to all children over the summer months.  Give it a try!

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