Friday, July 19, 2013

Finished Another Grace Chapel Inn Series Book!

This morning, the house was quiet, so I took 45 minutes to finish a book.  A few months ago, I was perusing CBD's catalog when I saw a listing for the Grace Chapel Inn Series.  I took a chance and searched Paperback Swap to see if any of the books were available.  They were!  So, I ordered the first four books in the series. 

I fell in love with the Grace Chapel Inn books from the very first page.  They are the story of three sisters who inherit their family's home and turn it into a Bed and Breakfast.  Each book is written by a rotating list of authors but you can not tell from book to book.  These books are charming.  I am inspired by the attitudes of the three sisters and have learned a lot about my own attitude from them. 

Portraits of the Past, Tales from Grace Chapel Inn   -     
        By: Rebecca Kelly
I am a light fiction reader.  I enjoy a happy ending.  I don't like to cry when I read.  These books are enjoyable and easy to read.  There's nothing objectionable and everything inspirational.  I have read the first four books in the series and this morning I finished book five:  Portraits of the Past. 

Each book has a recipe at the end of the book.  Book number 3:  Recipes and Wooden Spoons is FULL of recipes throughout the story. 

If you need some light reading for the summer, or any time of the year, and you want to get attached to three lovely sisters and day dream about staying in an inn in a beautiful small town in Pennsylvania, then I highly recommend Grace Chapel Inn. 

And if you don't want to spend money on new books to read, try out Paperback Swap.  I've used it for a couple years.  I've gotten books for our homeschool through PBS.  I've gotten LOTS of books that I've wished for.  You list the books you own that you are willing to ship to someone else, and then when someone orders one of your books you get a credit to order a book from someone else.  For under $3 (usually the cost of mailing a paperback book via media mail) you can get a book you really want.

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