Monday, July 1, 2013

Kids Bowl Free

This is our third year to take part in the kids bowl free summer program.  We found the program in the middle of the summer two years ago.  We joined, even though we had mist two months of it because it was still a great deal.  Our boys could bowl two games a day for the cost of shoes.  We bought a family membership so that the Big Dog and I could bowl with them.  I believe we paid around $25 for the family membership for the whole summer!  This year, Big Mac is on the family membership since T-bone is the only eligible child.

Our usual day to bowl is Sunday afternoons.  We go to church about an hour from our house so we're out anyway and the bowling alley is also a little over 30 minutes away.  So Sunday's are our day.  But sometimes we head over to the alleys for two quick games on a weekday just because we have plans to be in the area.

It is SO much fun.  We all pick silly names for the scoreboard.  Our alley has themes for the scoreboards that show special animations when you finish a frame.  We like the underwater theme.  AND we bowl with bumpers.  I am an excellent bowler when bowling with bumpers!

This is such a great program and the price is so reasonable.  There are only a few exercises that our children truly enjoy.  But bowling gives us a chance to have fun as a family, get a little exerc
ise, and just be silly.

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