Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Finishing Things

Today I finished an afghan that I never started.  Weird huh?  Not really.  A little over a year ago one of my very good friends passed away. Brenda and I shared a love of crochet along with a lot of other loves.  When she passed, her husband gave me all of her yarn and hooks.  As I was organizing the totes of yarn, I found several unfinished projects.  The first one was the snowman blanket.  I finished that and gave it to her husband for Christmas the first Christmas after she died.

Many of these tiny granny squares were complete, but I finished the squares, pieced them together and put a border on the afghan.

Around the same time I found some larger pink and mauve squares.  They weren't something I would ever do, but they were something Brenda must have thought were interesting.  I set them aside and worked on other things.  But last week, I pulled out those squares again.  There were ten of them.  So I took nine of them and made a small throw.  With the odd square, I made a small pillow.  The light in the picture isn't great, this is in our guest room that we call the study.  But it gives you the idea.  I didn't have matching yarn, but I found some complimentary yarn and put a granny border around the throw and a granny back on the pillow.

Like I said, I didn't have the actual colors in the squares.  So I used a sage green to put the squares together and then used it again in the granny border.  I found a darker mauve to use for the border too. It works to make the throw look a little more complete.  Well, Penguin likes it anyway.


  1. That was the nicest gift you could ever give your friend's husband. I bet he was so touched by what you did, finishing the blanket just for him. I really like the second one and the pillow.
    Well done and so sorry your lost your friend,