Monday, August 28, 2017

Chalk Paint is Life

So we were yard saling the other day.  I know I posted about a thrift store find yesterday and today I start off talking about yard sales.  It may seem like all I do is buy used stuff, but, well maybe that's true.  Anyway, we hit a yard sale and I picked up a little baggie filled with small items.  As I started looking at the items inside I knew I had found treasure.  $.50 later we spread the bag's contents onto our old pine kitchen table and laid claim to it's items.

Among the many interesting items were a few findings that immediately gave me a picture in my mind of a shelf.  I knew exactly what I wanted this shelf to look like.  It was so clear in my head.  The next day I headed to the craft store to find the perfect shelf and the paint I was imagining.  The shelf had to be very simple.  And the paint had to be chalk paint.

I knew I wanted the shelf to look worn and sort of rough.  So using this turquoise-colored Folkart Home Decor chalk paint called "patina" I spread it very thinly over the shelf.  I covered the entire shelf, but you could still see some of the pine showing through so that it looked more worn.  Then it was time to apply the items from the baggie.  Now, I know this isn't a super-functional shelf.  But it is just how I imagined it to be.  These were all the items from the yard-sale baggie.

I loved working with this paint.  I will definitely be finding other things to paint with it.  It turned out exactly the way I wanted it to.  It's very matte.  Goes on smoothly.  And is easy to thin out to get the effect I wanted.

We hung the shelf in our bedroom near the door.  I may hang my jewelry on it sometimes. But mostly, I just like the way it looks hanging on our wall. There are a couple small hooks on it, three different drawer pulls, three clock hands, and two other ornate findings.  I love it.

photo by firstnamemclane on Instagram

When the light is a little better during the day I'll try to get a better picture.  But my little yard sale findings shelf makes me happy.

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