Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I Needed That Hook

I get to ride to work with my husband every morning.  We drive together for about 45 minutes before we go our separate ways. I spend that time knitting or crocheting while we talk. We don't even turn on the radio!  We just talk and I knit or crochet.  So this morning, I packed up one of my favorite Sew Flo bags to work on a crochet wrap that has been lounging in WIP-land for too long.  I stuck the crochet hook in the bag and off we went.

There it is.  See it sticking out of the top of the bag?  Oh, and what a cute bag right!?!  That's one of my two Harry Potter bags from Sew Flo.  I love her bags. Check out her Etsy shop here. They're so well-made.  And this fabric is so super-cute.  Anyway, I digress.  

When we get in the car, I don't start knitting or crocheting for the first 10 to 15 minutes until we get to the highway.  I get a little carsick and we live out in the middle of nowhere. So I have to wait until all the twisty back roads are behind us.

We were chatting away, when I reached down into my bag and pulled out my project.  I rooted around in the bag and couldn't find my hook.  I searched and searched.  No hook.  Not only could I not crochet on the way to and from work, but I also would have nothing to do on my lunch hour.  Well, we couldn't have that!  Lucky for me, I work within 5 minutes of two craft stores!  So, a quick trip to JoAnn's at noon and I was back in business.  I splurged on these Susan Bates hooks:

They are super-light!  And I really like the one I'm using on the wrap.  It's amazing how much different it is to have a lighter hook.  If you find these in your craft store, give them a try.  You'll be surprised at the difference a lighter hook can make.

P.S.  I'm hoping to have this wrap I'm crocheting on the blocking boards by the weekend.  So stay tuned.  Pictures coming!!

P.S.S. When we got home I found my hook laying in the driveway.

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  1. Well at least it was still there and you could reclaim it. Now you have a couple more hooks to add to your collection. I enjoy crocheting during car trips too.
    xx Beca