Thursday, September 7, 2017

Custom Made Hunting Socks

So the Big Dog is going to Minnesota to hunt in November with his dad.  It's cold in Minnesota.  It's cold in Minnesota in July.  And he's going in November!  He was talking about the trip and asked if I would make him some booties out of polar fleece. He's concerned about his feet getting cold.  But I didn't think polar fleece was a good idea. When you wear a synthetic material it doesn't breathe.  You don't want something that doesn't breathe on your feet.  You perspire and then the air catches the perspiration and you get cold

What you want in the cold is a natural material like wool or alpaca.  It will hold in the heat but also allow your feet to breathe

So, after we had this conversation about feet, socks, and natural versus synthetics, he asked if I would make him a pair of socks for his trip.  I said I would do him one-better.  I will make him TWO pairs of socks for his trip.  I went downstairs to the rubbermaid tubs and found the Paton's wool that I bought years ago to knit a sock monkey toy.  This is perfect hunting sock wool.

It took a couple tries to get the toe just right and I had to re-knit the heel three times before we got a good fit, but tonight I finished sock one of four.

I still need to sew in the ends, but it's a great fit.

The plan is he will wear a pair during the day and then in the evening wash them in cold water in the sink.  Then while he's wearing the second pair, the first pair will be drying in the hotel bathroom.  Now that I know the formula I want to use to fit his feet, the next three should fly off the needles.  Working with worsted weight yarn and size six needles makes the sock go very quickly.  I picked up a 9-inch circular tonight and that will make the knitting go even faster.  

Custom made hunting socks anyone??

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