Monday, September 4, 2017


This past weekend we were at Aldi for groceries and The Big Dog mentioned that there was a fabric store nearby that we had never visited.  So we stopped.  I shopped while he sat in the parking lot with his pipe.  From the outside it doesn't look like much:

It's a long low cinder block building.  But then you walk inside and little baby angels start singing. There is fabric for miles.  You name it.  They've got it.  They have what I would call regular fabric. They have a large assortment of upholstery fabric.  They have outdoor fabric for awnings and umbrellas.  They have vinyl.  It was amazing.  I don't sew a lot, but whatever project I have in the future, I can fulfill here!

I turned a corner and there's a wall of fringe.  That's right.  A wall.  Of fringe.  I almost bought some beaded fringe just because it was so cool.  Beside it was a huge display of tassels of all shapes and sizes.  

And then, I went to the back of the store and found a huge table of buttons.  I spent most of my time at  the button table.  I bought a small baggie of buttons  I have plans for a vest and I found three choices for it.  I found four cute little elephant buttons for a baby sweater one day.  And I got a few buttons just because I thought they were cool.  

This was a really fun store.  I enjoyed the half an hour I got to spend there.  I will definitely be back.

3314 N. Old Trail Ste 10
Shamokin Dam, PA

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  1. I am loving all of your stitch markers and that fabric store looks wonderful. We have an amazing quilting store near by and Joann's which dos not have very good fabric anymore. I'd love to see a real fabric store with a lot of variety.