Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I Hate Blocking

I'm sure I've said this to you before. I hate to block. I hate it so much I would consider only knitting socks and crocheting afghans so I never have to block again. And then I block a beautiful shawl. And my hatred is diminished.

I actually finished this crocheted piece in May when we were at the beach. I brought it home and shoved it in a bag, knowing it needed to be blocked one of these days. Well, the day has come. On Friday evening my neice is getting married. I have a lovely deep purple dress. I needed a shawl.

So, of course I remembered this one made of Louisa Harding Pittura. And, of course, I couldn't find it. It took a few days of searching, but I found it in a box I had packed while getting the house ready to sell. And tonight was the night. I pulled out the blocking pins and mats and spent an hour crouched over the guest bed.

It is a beautiful shawl. I love how it looks when it's  finished. But I still hate blocking.

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  1. U hate it too and have to admit you are much better at it than me. I am a steam blocker so I never quite get the definition or dimensions I need yet I never use pins. No wonder all my projects are a bit of a mess.