Monday, September 11, 2017

Places You Can Knit...Jazz Fest

This weekend my family and I got to spend a little time at the Dauphin County Wine and Jazz Festival.  We had gorgeous weather.  It even got a little chilly when the sun went down.  There was great food.  One of our favorite food trucks was there and I had my favorite soulrito.

We listed to some really good music.  There was a group on the side stage called Teen Town.  It was three young men who were as good as any of the adults.  The boy on the bass for teen town was a very talented young man.  But all of the music was really great.  The large tent was full of music lovers.  It had cool lighting.  We had a little picnic.  And, yes, there was wine.  I don't drink wine because I have Rosacea and wine is a trigger.  So I avoid it and I feel better.

And, of course, I had my knitting.  I could have sat there and listened to jazz and worked on my sock all night.  It was such a pleasant atmosphere.  Everyone there was happy.  (I guess the wine didn't hurt the festive mood.)  It was a good time.

ACTually Knitting started a hashtag on Instagram: placesyoucanknit.  So, this was my #placesyoucanknit this weekend at the Jazz and Wine Festival.  Where have you taken your crafting lately?

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