Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Round and a Round and a Round and a Round...

So, I have this niece who's a veterinarian in Maryland.  She and her husband live on a farm where they raise beef cattle.  Although she doesn't knit, she and I talk about it a lot.  She's a sewist and a painter.  We talk about sewing too.  Anyway, when she married her husband and moved to the farm I told her that one day I wanted to learn to spin when we were having one of our crafty talks.  A few months ago she said that she has a Vet Tech who used to spin and hasn't for years.  She wanted to give her materials away to someone who would get some use out of it.  She said she may have a wheel for me.  I was sure we were talking the old spinning wheels that you see in Williamsburg.  But I was grateful no matter what it was and I was going to learn to use it. Imagine my surprise when she arrived at the family Labor day picnic with this:

This a Louet S10 wheel.  I'm enamored.  I don't really know what to do with it.  But I'm in love with her.  I think her name's Betty.  I've tried out some other L-names, but I keep coming back to Betty.  I've found a few videos, but I've only watched one so far.  

There was also a huge bag of fleece.  There is some processed roving, and some unprocessed fleece.  

I still can't believe that someone GAVE this to me!  I am blessed-er than blessed.  Stay tuned for progress pictures!  I know it won't be great at first, but I'm determined to make it a daily habit and learn the craft of spinning.  And I've got lots of wool to practice on!

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