Friday, September 1, 2017

Stitch Markers Continued

It took me a few days to figure it out.  But tonight I've got a stack of stitch markers ready to send to new homes for the stitch marker swap.  We are using hashtag stitchmarkerswap2017 on instagram. Go check out what everyone is making.  I'll post here when I get my stack back.

/We were supposed to attach our markers to a business card but I packed all my business cards away recently because we are hoping to move soon.  So I used some stiff felt and attached my markers to that.  I wrote on the felt with a Sharpie marker listing my name, instagram handle, Ravelry user name and website.

To recap, everyone is making 34 stitch markers, 2 kinds.  There are 18 people in the swap.  We are sending all 34 markers to one person.  She is going to sort them out and send each of us a fat envelope full of new stitch markers created by our new friends!  They were supposed to be mailed today, but I'm sending them a day late because I didn't like my end product the first time I made them.

But now, they are packaged and ready to go and I'm so excited!  I will show you everything that comes in a few weeks.  Stay tuned.  Maybe you would like to participate in a stitch marker swap the next time we do one?  If so, leave a comment!

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