About Us-Or My Life as the Short One

I spend a lot of time talking about my family on this little blog, so I thought you would like to meet them! Years ago wrote a post about the family vernacular.  This post explained the names I use for my husband and children when I write about them.  I still use those nicknames when speaking of my husband and our boys.  But they've grown (well except my husband) at least a foot since I wrote that post!  So, meet my family:

The Big Dog:

Big Dog and I were married in 1992 after a blind date 8 months prior to our wedding.  What can I say?  When it's right, it's right.

Originally from Northern Minnesota God transplanted him to Pennsylvania after serving in the Army.  We still make fun of him for saying some things in a Minnesotan way.

The Big Dog is an avid archer and has a website and blog about archery.  He teaches a youth instructional league in our county that has over 40 children in it learning to be better archers.  He and our oldest son, Big Mac, even produce archery instructional videos.

The Big Dog works outside our home for the state of Pennsylvania and has been there for nearly 25 years.

He enjoys hunting, fishing, baseball (watching not playing now that he's old) and hanging out with us.  He also loves to read, which really attracted me when we met.  At 6' 3", The Big Dog is 13 inches taller than me!

Big Mac:

Our firstborn arrived with a lot of drama and has kept us hopping ever since!  I call him Big Mac.  Born in 1996, he makes us laugh a lot.  He's got a really quirky sense of humor and he's really quick with it!

Big Mac is our crafty/project guy.  I could teach him anything with a project.  Unfortunately he wants to start his projects at 10 PM a lot!  But he's very creative and comes up with some great ideas.

Big Mac is an archer and has won many state-level competitions for his age-group.  He's a great shooter and has taken even more interest in it this year wanting to shoot as often as possible.

He's really great at math, but says he hates it.  He has also filled sketchbook after sketchbook since he was really small.  For many years, he was really into Legos, but has sort of outgrown them.  He loves the computer game Minecraft, which reminds me of Legos a lot.

Big Mac also makes videos and has a talent for editing.  But he's thinking about engineering as his career.  It's really exciting to see the Lord growing him into a man with a heart for God.


Our youngest son, not to be outdone by his older brother, also entered the world with a dramatic bang!  And he's been a joy since that first day.  We call him T-bone and he is the boy in the house that has the most nicknames!  Also funny, T-Bone's sense of humor is dry and sarcastic (like his mother).

This is not a project kid.  T-Bone would be happy if I gave him a stack of worksheets and said, "Have at it!"  T-Bone loves dragons, PC games, video games, his brother, and animals.  He is an avid collector of many things, including stuffed animals.  He definitely wins the prize for the quirkiest collection in the family.

Also an archer, he has really developed a passion for it this year and finished his first year of competition with two first place finishes and two second-place finishes.

T-Bone is brilliant at math, but also says he hates it.  He loves science, and has also filled many a sketchbook since he was very young.

He has a beautiful singing voice and you can hear him singing at random times throughout the day.

Completely lovable and compassionate, his eyes could melt the heart of a monster.


  1. Hi Lori,
    My name is Lori...To my old school friends I am Lori Anne. I am also the little one when compared to my husband who is 6' and I am about 12-14" shorter depending on who's doing the measuring.

    I am a mother of two sons, David who is 22 almost 23 and Chris who is 20. I knit and crochet, used to embroider. I suppose some day I will again, but with a house filled with cats and 2 boys, there isn't the time or patience to do it now. I have been knitting slippers most of the last part of the winter and this spring. If PA. is like ME. spring hasn't really arrived yet. It is just beginning now that it is almost time for the calendar to change to summer. Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Wow Lorianne! It's eerie how similar our lives are! It's so nice to hear from you. I've added my email contact info to my profile so if you want to exchange emails we can. What slipper pattern do you use?

  2. Please add me to your Blog. Love and Hugs from Opa.